Welcome to our office

Step 1- Office tour

After filling out the proper new practice member paperwork, we will take you on an educational tour of our office. We want you to know where everything is located so that you can feel at home and comfortable with us.

Step 3- Neurological Assessment

At this time, we will discuss health and wellness so that you can have a better understanding of our approach to chiropractic care and your goals . This is also when we will do a full muscle and nervous system assessment using N.A.S.A. published and SPACE certified technology. This will allow us to locate where and how severe the pressure and inflammation is in your nervous system.

Step 2- Consultation

Our in depth, one-on-one consultation will help us get to know more about you: health concerns, future goals, as well as your past traumas and health history. This will help us give you the best quality of care possible.

Step 4- X-rays 

If necessary, we will take chiropractic postural X-rays on site. This will allow us to look at your skeletal system in order to provide you with the safest and most effective care possible for your unique case.To see is to know, and to not see is to guess and we will not guess with your health.

Step 5- Care plan 

After Dr.Will has thoroughly evaluated your health history, goals, neurological assessment and your chiropractic postural X-rays, he will develop a customized, corrective care plan for you. This individualized care plan is tailored to exactly what your body needs for optimal health.

Step 7-Begin journey to optimal health!
Step 6- Report of  findings

On your next visit we request you bring your loved ones with you, as we will present a report of our findings to you. This will include the analysis of your full health history, neurological assessment, chiropractic postural X-rays, your customized, corrective care plan, and payment options for care.


This is where you will receive your first scientific, specific chiropractic adjustment. Everyone responds to care differently. Some people begin to feel better and see health improvements immediately, while others may take more time. Some may initially experience some discomfort and stiffness, known as healing sensations, which is completely normal as we restore the structure of your body and your nervous system. In order to achieve the best results as quickly as possible, it is vital to be consistent in keeping your appointments.